YIHUA 200C 110V Soldering Iron Tips Cleaner Tool Smart Infrared Sensor

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1. Intelligent detection using infrared sensors, when the tips is inserted into the cleaning inlet, the device automatically starts cleaning. removing the tips from device automatically stops the process and puts the device into a sleep state.

2. Uses high precision and easy to remove spilt body design.

3. Fully enclosed design to prevent tin slag splashing, ensuring safety and environmental protection.

4. Uses Micro-power design for energy saving.

5. Fast cleaning tips and high performance efficiency.



Model: 200C

The adapter input: AC 110V

The adapter output: DC12V 1A

Power: 5W

Net weight: 0.5kg

Voltage: 12V

Motor speed: 4500RPM

Cleaning entrance diameter: φ12.5mm

Brush size: φ25 x 20mm

Dimensions: L110 x W75 x H77mm


Package included:

1 x set of Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Tool