Xiaomi Mijia 5 in 1 Smart Home Kit

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· This set includes a multi-functional gate-way, a door window sensors, a human body sensor, a wireless switch, a temperature humidity sensor, a zigbee socker.

· Free collocations, you can own more than 30 different uses.

· A key connect to your mobile phone, home is in your pocket.

· Super practical equipments for you and your family.

Xiaomi Multifunctional Smart Home Gateway

With the gateway, other devices can still work If the WIFi are not stable

· Online Radio

· 16 Millions variable colours Night Light

· Customized Bell

· Remote Control

· Connect with other smart devices

· Outlet ( ZigBee Version )

Xiaomi Wirless Switch

· No need of installation

· One-Key Operate

· Portable

· Local Operation

Outlet (Zigbee Version)

· Timing Control

· Remote Control

· Power Statistic

· Connect with other Smart Devices

Xiaomi Human Body Sensor

· Timing Control

· Remote Control

· Power Statistic

· Connect with other Smart Devices

Window Door Sensor Set

· Push the door, the light will automaticallt turn on

· If someone breaks in, the bell will alert and the camera will take videos