Winter Wear Resistant Car Anti-skid Wheel Chain Snow Ice Sand Mud Road Chain


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A great Winter Wear Resistant Car Anti-skid Wheel Chain recommended to you! Strong safe TPU material is resistant to the tension, low temperature and wear. The tire chains can be easily installed in most of the standard size of the alloy or steel wheel (13 inch – 19 inches) tire width in (165 mm – 265 mm) car, truck and trailer. Widely used in snow, mud, rain water, slope and other environments.

  • Made of premium TPU, wear resistant and durable. Resistant to the pressure and low temperature, can be used many times.
  • Small square links and shorter length of each cross chain to reduce wear and tear. Contact with the ground is covered with high hardness alloy nail, prevent slippery.
  • With the minimum braking distance and the maximum traction sliding.
  • The chain closely fits the tires without gaps, which is very safe for driving.
  • Adopting new tightening lock, which is solid and stable.
  • Tire chain provides a very good control of snow mud or sand, will not damage the tire and the wheel or the road.
  • Install in a few minutes, there is no jack, or mobile.
  • It is used in snow, mud, rain water, slope and other environments.
  • Size is suitable for the tire width 165 mm – 265 mm between all of the models. Fit for car, suv, van, etc.
  • Attentions:
  • The anti-skid chain should be mounted on the right and left driving wheels, can not be installed only one tire. If it is a four drive car, 4 tires all need installed. Otherwise, the automatic transmission will be damaged during driving.
  • After installing anti-skid chain, we should drive as slow as possible, avoid rapid acceleration and emergency braking. Keep slow speed less than 40km/h. Don´t suddenly acceleration or emergency braking. If you found the tire chains is loosening. You should tighten them in time,in case damage your brake.
  • Remove the skid chain in time once you leave the ice or the muddy road.

Material Thickened TPU Steel Nail
Uses Snow, Ice, Mud, Sand
Size 36.5x89cm (Rope Length: 52cm)
Weight 280g/pc
Color Yellow
Quantity 1pc

Package Includes
  • 1 x Anti-Skid Tire Chain

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