Winter Hot Water Bag Hand Warmer Cute Cartoon Plush Toy Warm Handbag White Rabbit


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This cute rabbit hot water bag is ideal for using in cold weather. Comfortable texture and large size are perfect for warm hands, feet, stomach etc. Also can be a back cushion for rest.

  • HEALTHY SOFT SILICONE — Non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and ecological, also heat dissipation, soft touch, long lasting insulation, thick, durable material.
  • Long-Lasting Heat Preservation — Heat-resistant temperature for 240 ℃. 70 ℃ keep warm for 2 hours, 80 ℃ heat preservation for 1 hour and 55℃ can be heat preservation 3 hours, 35 ℃ heat preservation 6 hours.
  • EXQUISITE FABRIC SLEEVES — Comes with a cute Rabbit Plush Cover to prevent the hot rubber from being in direct contact with your skin to cause burns, plus it has a more classy and personalized look.
  • RECYCLE — Easy to use and environmentally friendly, recycle. Not electric, no need to charge, will not burn or boom, it is safe and handy.
  • MULTI-USE — Use it when watching TV, in bed or office, after a long run or workout, in a cold day. It keeps your hands, body warm at night, soothing muscle pain, arthritis pain. Warm up for the physiological period of women abdominal pain.
  • SAFE WATER BOTTLE –Wide mouth design is easy to pour in the water. Rubber plug holds tightly and keeps heat inside so that you can keep warm.

Item Name Cartoon Hot Water bag
Material PVC +Plush Fabric
Type Water-filled type
Uses Hand warmers, Pillows, Gifts
Color White Rabbit
Capacity 1750ml
Heat Temperature 240℃
Size 33.5*24.7*7.1cm
Liner 15.2*4*25.3cm
Weight 350g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Hot Water Bag