Winter Essentials Men Women Heated Gloves Thicken Carbon Fiber Battery Powered Gloves for Skiing/Riding/Tourism/Walking/Moutain/Clambing


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Warm your winter with this heated glove, suitable for skiing, cycling, travel, hiking, climbing, etc.

  • Design: color-matching design, waterproof fabric; five fingers separated for flexible movement; thickened heating, cold winter choice!
  • Temperature: The five fingers are heated and the back of the hand is also hot; the heat is fast and the temperature is high.
  • Battery pack design: The battery box pocket and gloves are integrated to make it easy to put in the battery box.
  • Battery box: equipped with a battery box, you need to prepare 3 AA batteries, the battery box has switches and indicators,
  • Product power: 4.5VDC battery box. Please select No. 5 alkaline battery for power supply, or rechargeable No. 5 battery (1.5V, capacity above 1500MAH) for power supply. Ordinary carbon batteries, or small-capacity rechargeable batteries, cannot supply electricity and do not generate heat. The heating time depends on the battery capacity used. The larger the capacity, the longer the time. A full-capacity 1500MAH rechargeable battery can be used for about 2 hours when fully charged.
  • Warm reminder: If you use electric heating gloves for cycling or motorcycle, it is recommended to install a car cover on the handlebar (for windshield function) to avoid heat dissipation.

Fever Area Top of Five Fingers
Heating Temperature 50-60 Degrees
Battery 3 x AA Batteries / Each
Color Black
Weight 230g

Package Includes
  • 1 x pair of Gloves
  • 2 x DC Battery Compartment (Without Battery)