Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder

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The Toilet Brush & Holder Combo Set
combines the great features of both advantage into a sleek, discreet set that is perfect for narrow spaces or smaller bathrooms.



· Space Saving Design

1. Wall Mount Installation – You can mop around the toilet without having to pull stuff off of the floor.
2. Even perfect for compact bathrooms or powder rooms, the toilet bowl cleaner design fits neatly into small spaces.

· Perfect Fit

Beautiful matte finish and decorative finish ensure this solid stainless steel bowl brush holder will complement a stylish, modern bathroom décor.
Adds a good look to your bathroom.

· Efficient & Deeper Clean

1. Stiff outer bristles are ideal for scrubbing tough stains.
2. Toilet Brush features a comfortable grip, tapered brush head for deep cleaning under the rim and other hard-to-reach places.

· Convenient Disposal of Trash

1. Removable inner bucket prevents rusting and is removable can be lift out for easy cleaning.
2. Replacement Toilet Brush Head
Easy to install and remove, extend the service life.