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This simulated snow permanently does not change color, can be reused. No stickiness, can be sprinkled with snow. Direct paving, shop window, snow decoration. Use directly without any processing.

  • Magic Snow Power: Instant Snow Powder turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow. No stirring, no mixing, tons of science fun.
  • Realistic Visual Effects: Artificial snow is made of high-molecular water-absorbing resin, which has a large proportion of water absorption, white crystals, dry and fluffy, and vivid visual effects.
  • Quick Snow maker: Instant Snow powder is the first and original instant snow polymer that actually erupts. No stirring required. Just add water and watch it erupt into snow in seconds. Don´t settle for imitation snow that results in a slushy mess.
  • Wide Usage: Widely used in window scene decoration, film and television shooting, stage scenery, wedding settings, holiday decorations, birthday creative gifts, early childhood knowledge and other popular science areas.
  • Safe Toy: The power is a safe and non-toxic super absorbent polymer developed specifically to imitate most of the properties of snow. Please feel safe to play.
  • Huge comparison (snow powder: water = 1:25~30, 10g snow powder can add 250g~300g water, 1KG can add 25~30KG water).
  • Large capacity (When the 1KG snow powder is laid and the thickness is 10cm/3cm/1cm, it can be laid in 5/1.7/0.5 square meters, the amount of snow powder (KG) = the laying area (square meters) x the average thickness of the laying ( cm)/5).
  • Automatic expansion and molding after adding water for 1~3 minutes, without stirring, easy to operate.

?1.Snow Flake Water = 1:25-30
Weight 500g
Material Pet

Package Includes
  • 1 x Simulated Snow

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