OEDO Anti-aging Snail Gold Essence Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizers Treatment Face Care Facial Cream Serum Pure Extract


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Contains snail mucus extract and gold ingredient, its texture is mild and moist. It can give skin moisture and nutrition to help nourish and moisten dry skin and also improve dry wrinkles to keep skin delicate and smooth for firming skin and shrinking

  • Deep repair, contractive pore, skin tightening.
  • Moderate repair: Comfortable damaged muscle, moderate repair problems.
  • Moisturizing hydrating: Supply moisture to skin, to help find the sense of water embellish.
  • Purify skin: Secondary cleaning the skin, improve skin more is bulky.
  • Desalt blain to imprint: Snail in fluids have good repair essence.
  • Snail selection filtrate: Repair skin, improve acne and blain to imprint, and make skin soft and smooth.
  • Glycerol: Moisture, reduce the melanin deposit, make the skin exquisite and delicate clean and smooth.
  • 24K gold powder: Tight and smooth and improve the appearance of fine lines make skin soft plump and elastic.
  • Natural snail mucus content as high as 92%.

Brand OEDO
Net 12ml
Applicable skin a variety of skin
Package size 100 x 60 x 35mm
Package weight 46g / 1.6ounce

Package Includes
  • 1 x Snail and Gold Essence