Key Fob RFID Signal Blocking Bag Carbon Fiber Texture Anti-Theft Pouch Anti-Hacking Case Black


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Why do you need the RFID Signal Blocking Bag?Modern keyless fobs carry identification chips that pick up radio signals sent out by their car. The vehicle recognizes the fob when it's in range and unlocks the doors. Keyless ignition systems work in the same way – enabling cars to start when the key fob is detected in the cabin.Criminals can exploit this via a wireless relay attack. Using a radio frequency relay booster, it's possible to pick up and then transmit a key fob signal to trick the car into thinking a fob is present. This enables entry and theft from the cabin or boot – and, in the case of keyless ignition systems, theft of the vehicle itself.Thanks to its 100% signal jamming capability, the car key fob bag can completely isolate your fob to make such attacks impossible – giving you complete peace of mind as a protector against data loss.How does the RFID Blocking bag work?Please put the car key into the inner layer and ensure the pouch bagOur key fob bag bags make your cars safe by stopping signals being sent or received by your key fob or any other device containing data.Key fob doesn't have to be removed from the case , just open the pouch so the signal can be transmitted.

  • Portable Car Key Pouch Bag – This key fob bag have a ring to attach to a purse,belt or key chains. Works well and even when right next to the car, the electronic key, while in the sleeve, will not unlock the car, meaning communication is successfully blocked.
  • All Signal Blocker Case is Tested – We tested this rfid blocking bag several times, it blocked the signal once the pouch is folded over. Will be effectively to withstand the gadgets car thieves use to detect and transmit signals.
  • Feel Safe From Car Thieves – When the keys stay inside the faraday bag, the thief can not open your car because the faraday bag will not letting any signal in. Using “signal amplification” to gain unauthorized access to your car is impossible.
  • Carbon Fiber RFID Car Shielding Key Case – Shields keyfobs, WiFi cards, thumbdrives, and other small devices from all wireless signals. EMI shielding & RFI shielding, used for forensics, military, executive travel, personal security, EMP protection, and solar flare protection.
  • Convenient to Use – Key fob doesn't have to be removed from the case , just open the pouch so the signal can be transmitted. A anti-thief car key fob case brings you a peace of mind, never worry about your car being stolen.

Material Carbon Fiber
Color Black
Weight 30g
Size 12.5*8.5*2cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x RFID Signal Blocking Bag