JFT Anti-Gravity Shoulder Strap Prevent Vibration Strong Bonding – Black 1Pcs M


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This Shoulder Strap′s tailored design effectively distributes weight and absorbs the shock of movement. The patented ′control-stretch′ design actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. The strap contours to the shoulder and neck, thus effectively distributing the weight over a larger area. The ′control-stretch′ system functions as a shock absorber to ease the stress felt in the neck and shoulders.

  • The strap can be used on different kind of laptop & luggage bags, such as travel bag, gym bags, messenger bag, business briefcase, sports equipment bag, pet carrier, mail satchel, boarding bag, handbags, range bag, trumpet case, canvas bag, etc.
  • Unique internal control-Multi-contact point on shoulder, well distribute weight makes loads feel lighter.
  • Prevent vibration, prevent slipping, strong bonding, massage, reflevtive silver mark.
  • PS:single shoulder pad just includes one, but both shoulders pad includes that two pads.
  • Single shoulder M-product size: 26x9cm
  • Suggest strap width:3-7.6cm
  • Recommend: travelling bag, shoulder bag, camera bag.

Product Dimensions 26 x 9 cm
Color Black
Material PU Nylon

Package Includes
  • 1 x Shoulder Strap