Galaxy Color Egg-Shaped-Package Slime Pearl-Crystal-Color Stress Relief Party Favor Educational Toy


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Eviromentally-Friendly material production, safe and non-toxic, easy to preserve, it´s a good choice as a gift for children! With beautiful transparent color, vivid and interesting egg-shape packaging, people can´t help saying how fun it is.

  • Korean version design color, its not only 3D creative pearl crystal slime, but also a decompression toy. Its well documented that this product uses imported environmental protection materials, which is safe, environmental protection and no pungent smell!
  • Feeling good, it can be blown bubbles, painted and easily shaped!
  • Good to shape, can be solidified by air drying, exercise the ability of operation, give play to your imagination, and make your favorite crystal animal shape.
  • Soft texture and diverse starry colors, it can be used to fine pictures! Also it performed well in viscosity.

Material Plastic
Weight 60g
Size 4.5*4.5*6.5(cm)

Package Includes
  • 1 x Egg-shaped-package Galaxy Slime

Extra Info

This product is sensitive to perspiration and sugar. Remember to dry your hands after washing your hands.