Drum Bottom Microphone Bass Loudspeaker Voice Amplifier Drum Accessories Bass Hole Percussion Spare Parts – Black


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This product is made of environmentally friendly ABS, durable, not easy to deform, rubber drum ring, relaxation degree, convert the bottom drum into bass reverb speaker, strengthen bass audioAdvance, concentrate the air in the tympanic cavity, and produce compression inside. Make the bass part more powerful, and the effect is adjustable.

  • Special Design: Tuning port designed for bass drums.
  • Great Function: Expand your low end frequencies.
  • High Quality: The bass drum enhancer made of environmentally friendly ABS, Durable and not easily deformed.
  • Principle: This product converts the bottom drum into a bass reverb sound, strengthens the bass audio propulsion, concentrates the air in the drum cavity, and generates compression in the interior to make the bass part more powerful, and the effect is adjustable, only need Adjust the tightness of the bottom drum skin.
  • How to use: Firstly put the protective sticker on the bottom of the drum, draw it along the inner circle, draw a complete circle, and fix the rubber part of the loudspeaker to the drum.

Material ABS Rubber
Color Black
Product size 17x10x10.6cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Amplifier,1 x Protection Ring

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