Car Anti Static Strip Ground Anti-Electrostatic Chain Wire Strap Safe Driving Static Eliminator – Red


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The Car Anti Static Strip could be used to dissipate the static charge that normally builds in every automobile as its driven. The static buildup in a vehicle is simply due to the interaction between the metal body of the vehicle and the air molecules its brushing through and against. Because this strap works very well to dissipate the electrostatic charge in a metal vehicle body, and there's a lot less dust on your car since there's no electrostatic cling to attract it. Prevent shock by static electricity. Eliminate static electricity to prevent spontaneous combustion. It is more safty when you driving at night. Easy to install, the size of fixed ring can be adjusted according to different models.

  • Bold brass: Bold double copper wire design, thickened copper wire to release static electricity better.
  • Rubber material: soft and wear-resistant rubber, good texture and long life.
  • Adjustable fixing ring: The elastic adjusting screw can be installed on the exhaust pipe of different sizes.
  • Convenient installation: Hang the static belt on the exhaust port and tighten the retaining ring.
  • Eliminate static electricity to prevent spontaneous combustion: Belt Ground Wire prevents shock produced by the displacement static electricity Which charges power on chassis and reached to the car by electricity through to belt. Solve the hidden dangers caused by static electricity (self-ignition), and drive safer.

Material Rubber, Copper Wire
Use Scene Car Exhaust Pipe
Applicable Models Most Models
Total Length 43cm/16.93in
Line 28cm/11.02in
Electrostatic Tape 37*3cm/14.57*1.18in
Weight about 105g
Color Red

Package Includes
  • 1 x Car Anti Static Strip