Beef Tendon Manganese Steel Nails Thickened Universal Car Anti-Skid Snow Chain Emergency Tire Chain


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This anti-skid chain is an automotive product designed for use in car driving. The special rough surface of the snow chain is used to increase the friction with the road surface, and generally protects the tire from snow and muddy roads, prevents the tire from slipping, and ensures the normal running of the vehicle. Especially on the snowy road in winter, it can effectively ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

Note: The price above is only 1 pc snow chain. You can choose the number of tire chains. We recommand 2-5 chains for one tire.

  • Can not only use on ice road but also on sand road, mud road or climbing road. Provide you the extra grip of your car whenever wherever you need.
  • High quality thicken pure TPU material, wearable and tough, durable and harmless to tire and road. Ensure that the tire has enough grip, keep safe driving on snowy day.
  • Contact with the ground is covered with high hardness alloy nail, prevent slippery.
  • Small square links and shorter length of each cross chain to reduce wear and tear, with the minimum braking distance and the maximum traction sliding.
  • Vehicle running without vibration, to ensure a comfortable drive to reduce vibration and noise.
  • Low temperature resistant(-50℃).
  • Fast installation in minutes easily for men as well as women. With no need to move the vehicle or take down the tyres, no need for any extra tools, easy to carry and use.
  • Please Note:
  • 1. Make sure that your tire have SPOKES in the wheels as the straps need to go through them, the space between spokes should be at least 3cm.
  • 2. 45 km/h speed limit, do not slamming on the brake or sharp turning.
  • 3. The straps should not be installed on or near air valve.
  • 4. Avoid no-snow-covered road, sharp edged objects, dry pavements or flat ground.
  • 5. Use the snow scraper to clean up the snow on the tires before installation.

Material Thickened TPU Manganese Steel Nail Zinc Alloy
Uses Snowfield, Climbing, Icing, Sand
Fitment Universal suitable for Cars, Off-road and SUV models
Size 16x86cm (Rope Length: 49cm)
Weight 320g/pc
Quantity 1pc
Color Yellow

Package Includes
  • 1 x Beef Tendon Anti-Skid Tire Chain

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