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The easy way to cool any space, the Arctic Air Ultra Evaporative Air Cooler is a personal, eco-friendly design that pulls warm air fromthe room through its evaporative water filter to humidify while cooling. Compact, yet delivers 2X more cooling power. Personal space cooler lets you enjoy cool, clean at home or awayLightweight and portable for Indoor/outdoor use

Adjustable 3-speed operation On/off switch
Auto shutoff timer
Waterproof liner
Push button control Finger safe grill
Easy to assemble


Built-in water tank lasts up to 12 hours.
Freon free, energy efficient & eco-friendly.
Adjustable 3-speed operatio On/off switch.
Auto shutoff timer,Waterproof liner,Push button control,Easy to assemble.
Product size: 16.8 x 16.4 x 14.7cm
Product net weight: 754g
Fan: high, medium and low wind speed
Water tank control: electronic control
Filter element: 3mm filter
Grille removal: push-pull
LED light: 7 brightness monochrome light
Refrigeration area: 10 square meters
Refrigeration temperature: as low as 8-12 degrees Celsius
Water tank capacity: 750ml


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