7 Color Night Lamp Humidifier 240ML

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· 7 Color LED lights changing,3 kinds of lighting mode.The first long press the function button 1.5 seconds 7 color lights change, if you need to fix the light color and then press 1.5 seconds,the light flash,fixed color,press and hold again for 1.5 seconds to turn off the night light mode

· Small Size and Lightweight: personal air humidifier and purifier's,It can stay at bedroom,living room for babies,kids, or take to office, car or travel easily.

· Two levels of fogging function is designed to switch freely between the two spray modes of continuous spray and interval spray. 4 hours of continuous spray, 8 hours of spraying from time to time, you can adjust according to your needs in different time and space.

· Mute mode, deep sleeping. The M1 Mini humidifier is designed by a mute code to eliminate all kinds of static electricity in the environment. Running decibel is like the voice of flowers, atomizing and humidifying without any noise and makes people feel comfortable. 4-8 hours of humidification leads to no need to add water at night. Enjoy a beautiful silent night.

· Healthy material.Quality ABS material is used for hygienic safety,easy cleaning and durable.Zero radiation.Healthy and pollution-free,Suit to pregnant women use,Silent effect is good and moist.


Iten type: cup humidifier with night light function
Product size: 63*162mm
Product Weight: 167g
Product material: ABS
Working voltage: DC 5V 
Working current: 400MA 
Power: 2W 
Water tank capacity: 240ML 
Volume of spray: 30-35ML/H 
Using time: 6 hours 

What's in the package:

1 x Mini Personal USB Powered humidifier
1 x cotton swab
1 x USB cable
1 x User's manual



1. Open up the cover in anticlockwise direction.
3.Fill water in. (Please make sure the whole cotton swab is wet)
4.Put the cover back and plug the power cable in.
5.Turn on the power button.

1. Please add water before using this product and the humidification function is prohibited when the water is not added.
2. It’s allowed adding small amount of fragrance. Water-based aromatherapy is suggested rather than oil-based fragrance just in case that oil plugs the function of atomizer.
3.This spray has the function of automatic power outage. When you are using the spray mode for more the set-up time , the product will automatically stop the spray. If you want to continue using the spray, please observe the water content in the tank first, then press the function key again.
4. Please do not directly rinse this product with tap while cleaning just to avoid short circuit. It is suggested to use soft cloth to wipe.