48 LED Remote Outdoor Lighting Motion Sensor Waterproof Garden Street Solar Lamp

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* Solar Panel: 5.5v 360MAH
* Energy-efficient Conversion rate: 18%
* Battery: Li-ion battery 3.7V 2000mAh x 1pcs
* Standby Current: 5uA
* LED: 60mA / 28Lm / SMD2835 * 48pcs   24pcs White light+24pcs Warm white
* LED lumens: 450Lumens
* PIR Angle:120°
* Product dimension:180*110*30mm
* Working temperature: -20?~+60?
* CRI: >80%
Function Switch
Press the switch 3 to 5 second, open the light lamp and will flash
twice, come to the “Body induction + Dim bright” mode, The brightness is
strong when people go through the sensory area, last 10 seconds, or
become Dim light when people leave.
Press the switch again, LED lamp will flash twice, open the “Body
induction + turn off” mode. The brightness is strong when people go
through the sensory area, last 10 seconds, or turn off automatically
when people leave.
Press the switch third time, LED lamp will flash twice, open the
“constant light” pattern, the brightness will be only half of “Body
induction” mode, it will be lighting-off automatically after power off.
4) Press the switch fourth time, turn off the light lamp.

Lighting time under induction: Extension for 10 seconds after inducted,
time will be re-clocked if the extension time is not finished but
Light control function: The circuit will stop work and the switch is
unavailable when the solar panel met with light; it will start up
automatically when the solar panel not met with light.
Work current under Body induction: 3.8V1400mA
Work current under Dim light pattern: 3.8V30mA
Work current under Constant light pattern: 3.8V400mA
Waterproof level
Charging time
>6 hours under 1000W/? standard
Lighting time>6-10 hours
1. For the first time using, please put the product under the sunlight to charge for several hours before using.
When the product isn’t in use for long time, please take out the
battery and store it in a dry or cool place to avoid the leakage.
Recharge the battery  by every three months at a time, to ensure it is
not damaged and leakage.
3. If the battery is exhausted, the light lamp will flash. Please recharge it before normal using.

In fact, durations of light depends on exposure level of sunlight,
geographical location, weather condition and the time of daylight. The
stronger of sunlight, the faster of charging; the longer time of
sunlight, the more of power in charging. The effect will be weakened in
the raining days.