4 pcs/lot Car Door Wrist Film Door Handle Protection Film Scratchproof Universal Transparent Invisible Car Sticker Accessories


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We´d love to share you this door handle protective film, made of high-quality materials, transparent and invisible, suitable for all colors of the car, effectively protecting the door, is a necessity for car lovers.

  • Keeping your vehicle´s appearance by protecting its paint from chipping, scratching.
  • Durable, transparent, nearly invisible. No damage to the car surface, suitable forany color of the car.
  • Easy to install, it just takes several minutes to stick and will prevent scratching for your vehicle.
  • Easy to remove without damaging vehicle´s surface or leaving residue behin.
  • Provide superior strength and amazing softness
  • Installation instructions:
  • Step 1: first with a wet towel will need to be affixed to the door handle wipe clean,
  • Step 2: sprayed with water inside the wrist, in order to prevent sticky crooked, spray the water can be amended in time.
  • Step 3: Take our products and tear off the bottom paper.
  • Step 4: attached to the inside of the door wrist just inside the water spray. If posted a crooked, because the role of water, you can adjust the film position. If there is a bubble, with your fingers pressed down the middle surface can be pushed down.

Include 1 set of 4 pieces
Material PP
Color Transparent
Size 9.5×8.5cm
Net Weight 18g
Use Scratch Resistance

Package Includes
  • 4 x Car Door Wrist Film

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