300 LM Retractable Mini COB Side Light Super Brightness Portable LED Flashlight


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Ultra small flashlight, only two finger size, very convenient to carry. It has cob side lights and led main lights, which can be used for night lighting or indoor use. It can be telescoped and has 4 lighting modes. With AA battery, you can keep lighting for 3 hours. Buy it now!

  • Small and Flexible: The size is very small, only two finger size, easy to carry out, does not occupy any space.
  • Side lights and Main Lights: With two bases, COB side lights and LED main lights, not only use outdoor lighting, but also can be used for indoor emergency lighting.
  • Retractable: It can be telescopic to adjust focus, with 4 lighting modes.
  • Safe and Reliable: The unique heat dissipation design is adopted near the lamp head to ensure the safety of use. The body of the lamp is non-slip, which ensures that it is not easy to fall off.

Material Aluminum Alloy
Lamp Bead Model XPE COB
Weight 52g
Power Supply 1 x AA/14500 Battery
Output Power (maximum) 300 Lumen
Running Time (maximum) 3h
Four Modes main lamp (strong light weak light) cob side lamp (strong light flashing) telescopic focusing

Package Includes
  • 1 x Flashlight