2 pcs Car Glass Anti-fog Wipes Long-lasting No Glare Clear Vision Front Windshield Defog Car Window Glass Cleaning


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We´d love to share you to this car glass anti-fog wipe, which is easy to use, can achieve anti-fog effect in 3-5 minutes, does not glare, increase driving safety, gentle formula, will not harm the glass.

  • Easy to use: Take out a piece of wet wipe, evenly wipe it horizontally and vertically, wait 3-5 minutes to dry completely, and achieve anti-fog effect.
  • The anti-fog component of the wet wipe is water-based, non-oily, and does not have glare effect.
  • This product adopts mild formula, does not contain alcohol, does not contain corrosive components such as acid and alkaline, and will not damage the film/glass at all. Please feel free to use it.
  • In addition to the windshield, car side glass, rearview mirror, bathroom mirror, glasses, helmet, lens, window and other positions can be used.

Shelf Life 2 Years
Capacity 12 pieces / bag
Use Glass Anti-fog

Package Includes
  • 2 x Anti-fog Wipes

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