2-in-1 4D Mascara and 3D Eyeliner Long-lasting Waterproof Lengtheing Thick curl Black


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We´d love to share you this waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It is uniquely formulated to resist clumping, keep lashes soft, volume maximizing brush quickly thickens and builds lashes evenly for a full and bold look. The eyeliner′s pen point is full of wate and draws lines, continuous anti-halo dyeing and not easy to take off makeup.

  • How to use mascara: Gently wipe the mascara layerfrom top to bottom from the bottom of the lashes, raisethe mascara brush, and brush the brush head backand forth in a zigzag shape.
  • Eyeliner Usage: Make a paste using a pen, make apaste, mix evenly, and shake the pen from inside andoutside corrected eyes before opening using a penalong the lash route.
  • Lengthening Thickcurl Mascara:Soft and flexible plastic brush heads The bristles can beeasily polished from the root to the tip, and they growrapidly Due to the richness of nature, the effect of thickeyelashes can be obtained.American Eyelash and Action Stereoscopic, CalmThe paste tightly wraps the root hairs,the eyelashes are more supple and lightThere is a streamand I do not feel heavy.
  • Mascara ingredients: Water, eucalyptus cerifera wax, glycerylstearate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, hydroxymethyl、methacrylate, hydroxyphenyl propyl ester, CI 77266
  • 3D Waterproof Eyeliner:A fine sponge tip, silky touch are easy to explain, preciselydraw the fine roots of the lashes, delicate flowers draw anattractive eyeliner. Soft and delicate soft brushes, silky smooth lines, andeasy-to-draw fashion appeal eyes.
  • Eyeliner ingredients: Water, acrylate, propylene glycol, polysorbate-80, hyaluronic acid, phenoxyethanol, flavor, c177499

Weight 33g
Colors Black
Shelf Life 3 years

Package Includes
  • 1 x Mascara, 1 x Eyeliner