Xiaomi Yuwell Finger-clamp Pulse Oximeter

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Finger-clamp pulse oximeter

Blood oxygen pulse rate

Accurate measurement / compact and portable / one-button speed / comfortable to wear / four-way reading

Non-invasive and painless, monitoring at any time

The use of photoelectric sensor principle to collect blood oxygen signals, the measurement process is fast and accurate, eliminating the pain and trouble caused by the invasive detection of traditional blood gas analysis.

Meet the daily blood oxygenation and pulse rate measurement needs of most people

High-quality MCU new products and high-performance sensors, accurate blood oxygen pulse signal capture and more computing power

The detection process is one-button operation, and the detection result is displayed in 8 seconds.

Built-in silicone film for a more comfortable fit

8 seconds free exist without finger status, energy saving, environmental protection, longer lasting life

Heart rate detection

Large screen HD OLED display

High quality environmentally friendly and sturdy outer casing

Blood oxygen saturation display: 70-100%, +-2%

Pulse rate shows 25-250BPM, +-1% or +-1BPM

Power consumption: less than or equal to 30mA

Dimensions: 58*32*34mm

Battery: Two 7-cell batteries are required (batteries are not included)

Package included: 1pcs Yuwell Oximeter