WIFI interface OBD2 OBDII vehicle diagnostic scanner tool suitable for iOS Android PC

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Advanced OBD2 scanner WIFI technology.

Support IOS, which is suitable for Android and PC platforms, and can connect most devices.

Diagnose any vehicle problems and unlock large amounts of data on vehicle performance in real time!

Easily determine the reason for checking the engine lights, and even beginners can use this device to read the error code, find out where the problem is and possibly fix it.

Clear the fault code and turn off the MIL (check engine 'indicator).


Without any battery or charger, the power is directly obtained from the OBDII data link connector in the vehicle.

Display current sensor data, including engine speed, calculated load value, coolant temperature, fuel system status, speed, etc.

Retrieving generic and auto manufacturer specific diagnostic code (DTC) to help you overcome any troubleshooting easily.


Material: plastic

Color: Black

Size: 80 * 45mm

Port: 35000

Range: 50 feet (line of sight)

Power consumption: 0.75 watts (with power switch)

Wifi standard: 802.11a / B / g

Working temperature: -15 to 100 degrees


1 x OBD2 diagnostic scanner

1 x CD