Waypower Knife Sharpeners Black Color Fine And Coarse Specialty Ceramic

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Product description

Product attributes and introduction:

Material Following
Fine:zirconia ceramics
Coarse:Tungsten alloy steel
Ceramic:High hardness Emery
Handle and
others:ABS,EVA,TPR,18/0stainless steel
The Products was through the state
commodity inspection standard FDA
Products Size:7*2*2.1inches
Knife sharpener maintenance and announcements:

1. In order avoiding scratch the knife sharpener, please don’t
use steel wire ball or any light metal brush to wash it.
2. Grinding it
accord to the situation of your knife, we suggest the you coarse grinding first
and then fine grinding, combination grinding.
3. Flatting it on the table
when you use knife sharpener, pulling back with uniform strength.
4. In
order to avoid damage the blade, do not too hard and grinding back and forth
when you use knife sharpener.

5. Don’t put knife sharpener in the dishwasher
or the water, in order to keep dry and clean.