Sunroad SR104N Digital compass Sporty Altimeter Blue LED Backlight IPX4 Waterproof

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Compass is a navigational instrument that shows directions in a frame of reference that is stationary relative to the surface of the earth. The frame of reference defines the four cardinal directions (or points), north, south, east, and west. Intermediate directions are also defined.Digital compass SR104N adopts the latest electromagnetic sensing technology, smart calibrate external magnetic field. It have passed CTL testing by Walmart in USA. The cost performance is very high



· Adopt super-accuracy sensor from Swiss

· External magnetic field can be calibrated

· Magnetic declination can be set according different geographic location

· Other functions can be integrated freely such as GPS, altimeter etc.

· Carabiner key chain design for easy carry

· Lovely mini shape, size: 63*53*15mm

· IPX4 waterproof



· Display Mode: 360º with eight directions

· Compass accuracy: ±3°

· Resolution: 1°

· Display Mode: 24H or 12H available

· Display Mode: 5 seconds super bright LED backlight

· Water Proof Level: IPX4

· Product dimension: 65 X 53 X 15 mm