Sunroad FR851B Outdoor Sports Watch

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Time functions: hour, minute, second, year(2010-2099), month, date, weekday, 12H/24H
Alarm clock (2 sets alarm clock)
Countdown timer( 99:59:59 0)
Stopwatch(0 99:59:59), 11sets of data
Sunrise and sunset times
Pedometer, step counter, calorie, distance record
Corporates digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, air pressure trend and altitude trend
48hours air pressure Trend Chart
24hours altitude trend chart & Climb rate
48hours air pressure and 24hours sea level altitude record
Weather forecast
Worldtime funtions (daylight saving time switch automatically)
Button tone on or off
Battery life remind
EL backlight

Altimeter Display Range: -500m to 9000m (-1640ft to 32760ft)
Altimeter Resolution: 1m/3ft
Display Mode: 24H or 12H available
Display Mode: Highlight EL backlight
Water Proof Level: 5ATM waterproof