SunRoad FR704A Waterproof Watch Fishing Hiking Outdoor Sports Watch

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Product Description:
The Dial thickness: 15 mm, Dial Diameter: 40mm
Belt width: 20 mm
Sub – Strap: 120 mm
Strap: 90mm Main
Weight: 0.047kgs
Screen: – 2296ft to 29500ft (- 700m to 9000m); Resolution: 1 m / 3 feet
Display Range: 300 hPa Barometer to 1100 hPa (8.8 32.6inhg: 0.03 inHg); resolution
Display Range: – 20 deg C to 60 degrees C (- 4 f 140 DEG f); Resolution of 1 C / DEG F 1
Weather forecast
The Time of 12 – 24h
Circumstance: Sunny, Partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rain
Mode of Time + date
Screen: 12s 24s or available
Rear light
DISPLAY MODE: select the backlight on
Level 3 ATM Water Resistant: resistant

CR2032 button Battery