Solar water panel power fountain pump kit pool garden pool diving water

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The pump can connect various shapes of nozzles, and sprinkler different models.

The water solar pump is very suitable for fountain, pond or outdoor use.

Strength comes from the sun, which saves money and energy.

It has no power outlet or external battery, so it is not only easy to use, but also safe.

Quick start (when the bright sunlight is directly irradiated on the solar panel without any shadow, it will automatically start in 3 seconds).

High efficiency and high stability.

Easy to use and operate.

Be careful:

Please read the instructions carefully before using this machine.


Solar panels: 7V / 1.2W

Maximum power current (Lmp): 0.17A

Open circuit voltage (Voc): 7.6V

Short circuit current (Lsc): 0.19A

Maximum system voltage: 1000V

Solar panel size: 110x 110x 25mm

Pump power: 7V / 1.1W

Maximum pump flow: 180L / H

Pump maximum lift: 100cm

Maximum water height: 30 -60cm

Noise of the pump: <

Service life: more than 10000 hours

Delay: less than 5S

Material: monocrystalline silicon, PET film mulching

Color: Black


1 x solar panels

4 x nozzles

1 x nozzle base

1 x connection head

1 x socket

1 x pump

1 x instruction