REMAX T20 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone with Mic

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4.1 Bluetooth Chip

RB – T20 4.1 Bluetooth chip, to provide fixed wireless Voice Quality Stable

But you can also Connect two Mobile Phones, more Connections more convenient

Wireless, Breaking the traditional

The use of the concept of Cell Phone

And the New Generation of headphones from one side only,

RB – T20 by way of hanging ears,

Left and right Ears free to replace, does not affect the effect of response

RB – T20 Specifications

Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 4.1

Bluetooth Distance: 10 meters without obstacles

Resistance: 32 Ohm + – 15%

Sensitivity: 103 + 3dB

Frequency response Range: 50 – 10 kHz

Microphone sensitivity: – 42 + – 3dB

Mike: 2.2 K Ohms Resistance

Standby time: about 160 hours

Talk time: 6 hours

Music Time: about 5 hours

Charging Time: about 1.5 hours

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