Original Xiaomi 8H Z1 Standard Natural Latex Neck Protecting Pillow Anti Mite With Pillow Case

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Original Xiaomi 8H Z1 Standard Natural Latex Neck Protecting Pillow Anti Mite With Pillow Case
The damage to the body caused by sleep debt is enormous.
You may feel decline in thinking ability, impaired judgment, immune disorder and so on.
Because of high pressure of work, lack of sleep or sleep disorders brings a series of serious consequences.

    Xiaomi 8H Z1 standard latex pillow is here to help you, you deserve a better sleep.

1. Imports with Malaysia pure natural latex
soft touch and high resilience, buffer human head and neck pressure effectively.
2. Small honeycomb style pores
the waste heat of head and neck can be spilled out,  form a natural air conditioning system, promote natural ventilationwith double side punching design,
can always maintain a healthy sleep.
3. Pillow case is made of German medical physical anti mite fabric
consisting of super fine denier filament uninterrupted, the protection precision less than 1 microns (mites size is about 300-500 micron ), 
the pillow cases without any chemical coating treatment, prevent mites, bacteria and other harmful substances through the cloth effectively.
4. 8H latex pillow Z1 also supports the roll process
size of the product after compression only 1/4 for you to carry it easily.