Mini Ultrasonic Bubble Washing Machine

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· High frequency vibration for 5 minutes, super bubble glass for 1 minute, automatic cycle switching mode.

· Ultrasound penetrates the nucleus of bacteria, degrades heavy metal ions, does not hurt the hand, and decontamination and sterilization are in one step.

· Reduce the use of water to save two-thirds of the amount. The same amount of clothes need only be washed in one basin and cleaned in one basin. Less than 15 kg.

· Automatic power-off protection design, using 5v, usb direct current, electricity exhaust equivalent to 1/500 of the washing machine, far below the 36v human security voltage, 30 minutes automatic shutdown power protection.

· A multi-purpose machine can be used to simplify the process. Not only can you wash your clothes, but it also requires the decontamination and sterilization of the City of Life. For example, cleaning glasses, jewelry, fruits, vegetables.



Efficient Cleaning Solution: 
Specially designed for washing the hard-to-clean surface of items with ordinary water and make your jewelry, eyeglasses look brand new again. Adding some detergent can produce better washing effect. Clothes, vegetables, fruits and so on, you could use it to clean all the things you want. 

Operation Steps: 
1. Put the things you want to wash into the basin.

2. Add some detergent.

3. Put the mini ultrasonic cleaner in it.

4. Plug in power 

Cleans jewelry, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, coins, eyeglasses, keys, diamonds, silverware, metal badges, watchbands, waterproof watches, shaver heads, razor blades, dentures, combs, toothbrushes, valves, nozzles, machine parts, printer heads, and other valuables 

Power supply: usb(180mm) Size: 120*65*30mm 

Package list: 
1 * Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner

1. Do not get away from people while the washer is in operation. Unplug the power plug immediately after the laundry is completed.

2. Do not immerse the end of the usb power plug in a liquid such as water to avoid short circuit burning of the components.

3. Washing is completed, please unplug the power plug before powering off, and then touch the laundry in the water area and pour water.

4.  When it is subjected to electromagnetic interference, it may cause the product to shut down or it may not shut down properly. Please disconnect it and turn it back on.

5. The washer will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of operation. After 5 minutes, the usb power supply will be turned on again.

6. The product input voltage is DC 5V 2A. Do not use the charging adapter with higher or lower voltage.

7. If the product has abnormal phenomena, such as odor, smoke, abnormal sound, excessive heat, please stop using it immediately.