Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine

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Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes is an important part of your beauty routine.

Here are the reasons to maintain your makeup brushes and not ignore this important task: Acne prevention, better color application, bacteria prevention and lasting brushes usage. But brushes are hard to clean completely!

Our Electric brush cleaner makes the process easy: within seconds, you could use the clean and dry brushes again, 98% Cleanliness, harmless to your brushes, and 8 holder sizes for your choice.

This Brush cleaner keep your skin healthy!

Main Features

Deeply Cleaning

The electric makeup brush cleaner machine achieve 98% Cleanliness, prevent Bacteria Breeding and skin Diseases efficiently by removing bacteria, cosmetic residue, dead skin cells, dirt and oil on your brushes.

Quick Dry In 10 Seconds

Say goodbye to tired and mess of hand cleaning. The Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine cleans and dries your brushes deeply in seconds without hand wash mess!

Fits All Different Sizes

Make up brush cleaner has 8 holders perfectly fits different makeup brushes, clean and dry almost all size makeup brushes thoroughly, the electric makeup brush cleaner prevents breakouts and blemishes by maintaining your brushes clean quicker and easier.

Refreshingly Soft Bristles

This makeup brush cleaner professionally cleans and dries your brushes, harmless to your dear brushes. The electric makeup brush cleaner extends the life of your makeup brushes by keeping them clean, soft and long-lasting.

Top Quality & Safe Durable

Our electric brush cleaner machine is low-vibration design, food grade, eco-friendly, non-toxic, waterproof and odorless material. The bowl is made of eco-friendly PET with easy remove splash guard neck, safer and durable than glass.


Product Details:

Color: black, white

Suitable for: all make-up brushes
Brush holder size: 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11mm, 15mm, 19mm, 24mm, 30mm

Dimension and Weight:

Package size (L x W x H): 49*41*48cm
Package weight: 0.58 kg

Actual weight: 0.35kg

Package Contents:

Package included: brush cleaner, bowl, 8* brush holders, holder stand, spindle.

How To Use:
1. Install 2*AAA batteries, and fix the spindle on the cleaner.
2. Plug your brush into a suitable holder.
3. Fix brush holder on the cleaner.

4. Fill clean water into the bowl.

5. Soak the brush into water and press the cleaner button.

6. Lift your brush out of water until it is spin-dried.