Dpower portable folding camping stove with piezoelectric ignition (4.8 ounces)

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Strong and durable: it is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with low center of gravity and wide base. It can withstand high temperature and weight.

Piezoceramic ignition: 1-120 million times.

Efficient and simple: boil 2 pints of water in 5 minutes. The valve is designed to adjust the flame.

Compatibility: used with direct butane or butane propane mixing tank, with threaded 7/16 NS Lindal valve (EN417).

What you get: Dpower foldable camping stove, we guarantee a 12-month warranty (quality problem under normal use) and friendly customer service from the date of purchase.


Ingenious and compact design, small volume after folding, easy to carry.

The furnace is wide and stable after unfolding, and the center of gravity is low

The circular fireproof cover can concentrate firepower, make it burn more fully, improve heat efficiency and save gas effectively.

The design is simple, and the product is more flexible and durable.

Enhance fire protection, use more quickly


Maximum output: 2 thousand and 600 cards / 3 kW / 10.2 BTU

Combustion furnace: 2 "(5 centimeters) in diameter

Furnace base material: stainless steel

Support material: aluminum alloy

Package size: 3.1 "x 2.9" x 4.1 "

Version: France


1 x Dpower camping furnace

1 x user manual

1 x pulling rope bag and sliding rope lock