Ceiling light LED Star Moon Crystal Chandelier

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title: Moon
Star Retro Dining Room Crystal Chandelier Ceiling LED Light Pendant Lights

Light: G4 warm white AC LED blue/halogen bulb

Structure: iron, silver, low box, stainless steel, acrylic,
crystal lamp, G4 light source

Color: low box, silver, crystal lamp. Transparent, acrylic

Technical details

Article name: MoonCrystalceiling lamps

Product Code: YLC 1 1006

Product Code: YLC 1 1006

Material: iron, silver, low box, stainless steel, acrylic crystal
lamp body,G4 light source


Guest room: living room / bedroom / study / corridor / aisle

Color: Silver

Product size: W24cm * H14cm

Packing size: 32 * 32 * 18

Lamp holder: G4

Power: 60W

Light source type:  AC/G4

Material description: the high-grade crystal glass; disconnect
switch. You do not need remote control; first start: LED blue indicator; second
times open: warm white light bulb; third start: LED blue + warm white light

Item type: pendant lamp

Installation type: pipe erection

Power supply: AC

That room for: restaurant, bedroom, living room

Recommended room area: 10-15 square meters

Fixture height: 12 cm (4.8 inches)

Fixture width: 24 cm (9.6 inches)

Fixture length: 24 cm (9.6 inches)

Number of bulbs: 3

Bulb base: LED integration, G4

Main material: crystal, glass, stainless steel


Light source: bulb lamp

Style: Modern

Switch type: knob switch

Surface treatment: polished steel

Material: stainless steel

Location: living room, bedroom and other hotel rooms.

Applications: dining room, bedroom, living room

Shape: moon and stars

Weight: 1800 grams

Power: 60W

Light color: warm white

Size: 240 * 140mm

Voltage: 220V

Lampshade material: glass


Because the shadow is Handmade, deviation of height of a few
millimeters is normal.

This product needs assembling

National power supply voltage

American Max60W x 2 110-120V

British Max60W x 2 220-240V

x 2 220-240V

Package includes:

1 * lampshade,

2 * lamp holder

3 * accessories bag

4 * G4 light source                                                                                                                    
Moon Star retro restaurant crystal chandelier ceiling LED lamp

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