Broadlink TC2 Touch Panel 2 Gang Smart Wall Light Switch

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Description : 

The Broadlink TC 2 is a wall switch control panel with "Touch switch".
In conjunction with BroadLink RM2, this lighting can swtich on /off automatically through your smartphone. 
Users can Preset scheduling so that lighting will automatically turn on / off at a particular time. 
For example, you can preset the lighting switching on at 6p.m. everyday so that you can wake up.
Moreover, you can include lighting as one part of your home automation them.
Features :
● Easy Configuration
   Connect to your home and office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed
● Smart Control
   Control your devices anywhere at anytime through the app "e-Control" Combine using with Broadlink RM-Pro remote controller
● Scheduling
   Preset your own profiles, automatically work at set time
● Theme Setting
   Consecutive actions from different appliances will be taken by just one click
● Modern design panel
   The switch is designed as touch panel instead off tradition button switch. Looks much smarter.

Notes :

Broadlink TC smart touching switches should work with RM2-Pro remote controller, that it can be able to control through your smartphone.

The US style of TC2 has a shape of one Gang in US but with a function of two switch.

Operating System

Cellphone System 

 Android / IOS

Supported IOS Version 

 IOS 5.0 or above 

Supported Android Version 

 Android 2.3.6 or above 

Signal Pattern 

 Remote control IR / RF devices   

Cellular Mobile 

 2G / 3G / 4G

Packing List 

1 x Broadlink TC2 Touching Switch 2 Gang
(There are EU Round, UK Square, 110V US Rectangle and  220V US Rectangle Optional)
2 x Capacitance


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