ASiNG M601 U2 3 in 1 Wireless Mouse Remote Presenter

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Take user’s experience as design point
1. Runaway alert
2. Precision Remote
3. Ergonomic design
4. Working with battery indicator
5. Ergonomic buttons
6. 30m Remote
7. Support hyperlinks
8. Wireless Mouse
9. Power switch
10. One-piece design

Control by flashing reminder: Forget unplug the receiver / receiver range over demo. Runaway reminder — ASiNG first   
When you forget to unplug the receiver after the end of the presentation, when you leave the range of the remote control, the indicator on the demo will flash five times the interval 10 seconds to remind you that the receiver is within your sight; When you exceed during the presentation the demonstrator range, the indicator on the receiver will flash five times the interval 10 seconds to remind you that beyond the remote control range.

Battery Status indicator
Adding lights, different colors, different frequencies to show different working status of the product, so that the presenter to be aware of their own products.

Perfect support hyperlinks
To open a hyperlink in PowerPoint and between open application window switch. Tab key product in PowerPoint hyperlinks in between switches, Enter key to confirm the open hyperlinks, click the OK button to execute the Alt + Tab function between application windows open switch, so you can switch back to the PowerPoint interface demo.

Wireless Mouse
Computer mouse can daily operations: cursor movement, left and right mouse button, the file is open, close, copy, paste, and even video playback PPT files, hyperlinks, and so on. Presenter truly liberated from the computer.

Power and mode switch
By design mode toggle switch, to respond to different PPT presentation: just flip function / fullscreen black common presentation in M1 mode can; need to demonstrate mouse function, you can switch to the M2 mode. Easy to use.