A8 HD 1080P Hidden Camera APP Remote View Spy camera

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· REMOTE VIEW: Undetectable and remote view through APP. You can see what’s going on from any place where you have be. Wireless camera for any monitoring such as baby – nanny – coworkers – employee – maids.

· SPY CAMERA: Motion detection in the usb hidden camera activated simply by APP’s settings. You can download and playback videos on your phone.

· NANNY CAMERA: Keep an eye on your children with wifi camera to make sure they’re in safe hands. You can record videos on microSD card and watch without Internet at home.

· HIDDEN CAMERA: You can easy to operate spy camera charger by phone from any place where you have be. Camera’s features: Remote View – Charge phones – Loop recording – Record on SD Card.

· USB CAMERA: AC adapter allows you to charge your phone, wall charger makes the hidden security camera completely undetectable.

Please Note
1. This camera support 2.4G WiFi router, doesn’t support 5G WiFi. 
2. APP is available only for Android and IOS, can’t work with Windows phone. 
3. Keep the camera plugged in for remote view or record.
4. For recording on Micro SD Card, choose All Dayor On Alarm. 
Read Before Setup
Mode 1 – Direct Connection Mode, it works when you’re near the camera.
Step 1: Download the APP : HDMiniCam (Close the APP after downloading) 
Step 2: Open settings and find Wi-Fi device Called CMXXXXXXXXXXXon your phone and connect it. No password needed, just click and connect. 
Step 3: Open the APP, you will see your camera successfully added. Then you can see live video in the APP. 
Mode 2 – Remote View Mode (make sure that your network has a DHCP server, it means all devices get automatic network settings)
Important : You should finish setup for 1st mode, then you can setup mode 2. 
Step 4: Open the APP, locate setting icon – Device Settings WiFi Config, then you will see a WIFI list in the APP. Choose your own WIFI and enter password. 
Step 5: Wait for a 2-3 minutes and the camera gets back online. If not, close the APP and reopen it.
If the camera is still offline, please reset the camera then repeat all the steps above. And make sure that you type correct password from your WiFi network

Notice: Format your SD card, then install your SD card, please ensure that the camera found your SD card.

Check it as follow: Setting>> SD Card Config in the app to double confirm SD card is detected.