90×165 Inches Carport Automatic Car Tent Sun Shade Canopy Cover Foldaway Portable Car Umbrella with Remote Control

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· Folding and Portable: The car umbrella automatic folding structure is smart and stable which ensures every single action accurately and smoothly. 90cm in length after folded up in a storage bag and 5.5kg in weight, without any extra burden to your trunk

· Easy to mount and fast to open: It takes 30 seconds to install and 8 seconds to open with a wireless remote control

· Unfolding Size: 90×165 inches / 2300x4200mm, over 30 centigrade lower than cars exposed under the sun after the tent has been opened

· Multifuction Car Protection: The big umbrella surface can protect cars from Dust, Acid Rain, Bird Dropping, Deciduous etc.

· Windproof Design: The four windproof rope with hook in the four corners ensure the stability of the Car Umbrella


Product description: 
Easy to use: 8 seconds for opening, 30 seconds for installation. 
The First Protection Windproof: The four windproof rope with hook in the four corner ensured the stability of the car umbrella. 
The Second Protection Windproof: The fixed connection between the tent and skeleton prevents the skeleton from damaging when the wind force reaches level 5, buttons will then automatically release the tent and skeleton separately. 
Adjustable Windproof Ropes: The length of the windproof rope is adjustable to suit different cars.. 
Anti-Theft Design: Steel wire built in the windproof rope protects the windproof rope from being cut off. 
Full Protection: Soft rubber pad protects the car surface from being scratched. 
TPU Soft Suction Cup – The TPU soft suction cup keeps the car roof from being scratched. 
Car Umbrella 
Tent material: Top Nylon&PVC 
Remote control rang: 30 Meters 
Color: Dark Blue 
Unfolding Dimension: 90×165 Inches / 2300x4200MM 
Weight: 12.12 Pounds / 5.5KG 
Motor: 8 slot brushed motor 
Power: 10W 
Current: 1A 
Max. current: 3.5A 
Max. power: 900N 
Type of battery: Build-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery 
Charger: 100-240V, 0.5A, Max. 50/60Hz
Voltage: 12V 
Capacity: 2200mah*3 
Standard input: 1A 
Standard output: 3A 
Package included: 
1 x Car umbrella 
1 x Wireless remote control 
1 x Charger 
1 x Storage bag with zipper 

1 x User manual

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