-50 to 550 degree temperature non-contact infrared thermometer, digital pyrometer, laser outside Celsius thermometer

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Fahrenheit digital infrared thermometer, pyrometer, laser Outdoor Thermometer, Celsius thermometer

About the product

Type: Handheld

Temperature range: -50 to 550 degrees C (-58 -1022)

Accuracy: -50 degree C~0 degree C (+ 3 degree C), 0 degree C~100 degree C (+ 1.5 degree C), 100 degree C~550 degree C (+ 1.5%)

Response time: 500mSec, 95% response

Spot size: 12:1

Theory: infrared thermometer

Power type: 2 x AAA battery (excluding)

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The precision and versatile infrared thermometer operates at a ratio of 12 to 1 on the 95 launch surfaces with an accuracy of + / – 2%. The response time is 500ms, and the laser is built in

So that you can accurately measure the exact space you want to measure, the thermometer has the maximum / minimum / average temperature function, high / low temperature alarm, calibration temperature, only the emittance is adjusted according to the instruction (0.1-1.0).

Temperature range – IR temperature gun at centigrade or Fahrenheit: -50 centigrade ~550 C / -58 -58 ~1022, you can

Press the unit switch button at the bottom of the screen between degrees Celsius (degreesC) and Fahrenheit (degreesF) by easily switching the measuring unit of the laser tool.

Energy saving – LCD screen backlight can clearly display the temperature, battery status, infrared icon, laser temperature gun also has automatic shutdown function, can extend battery life, and have low electricity indicator, so that you will never accidentally run out of juice (2 * AAA battery). The backlight of the infrared temperature sensor will automatically shut down in 6 seconds to save some energy.

Widely used – non-contact infrared thermometers for cooking and barbecuing, baking, car maintenance, electrical troubleshooting, home maintenance,

HVAC inspection, industrial equipment, chemical equipment, smelting forging widely applicable to indoor and outdoor use, a variety of hot surfaces, hard in the case of no direct touch to the object.

Easy to use:

After installing the battery, simply press the measuring button and aim at the target with a red laser.

The emittance is then adjusted according to the emittance form in the user manual, and the maximum/minimum/average/difference value is obtained by "setting".

Package content:

1 x non-contact infrared thermometer