3D pen head is not easy to plug in 3D painting brush

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Brand 3D printing pen
Material plastic, ceramics
Type pen
Use painting
What is a 3D print pen?
It is to let the dream become a reality a paintbrush
It’s an artifact that breaks the traditional methodology of painting, so that your lines can fly out of paper and solidify in the air.
When you finish your work, it can immediately “stand” in front of you.
3D printing pen is an essential artifact for children and art artists. It is also an educational product for parents to let children get rid of the Internet and games.
The collision between mind and freedom allows children’s imagination, creativity and thinking to fly indefinitely.
To turn dreams into reality is a meaningful thing, worthy of attention and participation.
The world’s entry – level 3D printer! The pen that can make you draw in the air!
This is the 3D printing pen, pen in hand, the world I have!
3D print pen specification parameter
1. production method: hot melt extrusion and accumulation forming
2. molding method: 3D molding
3. print range: Infinity
4. spinning speed: adjustable
5. printing consumables: PLA 1.75mm material
6. heating temperature: within 190 degree range
7. equipment working voltage: 12V A
8. nozzles direct: 0.7mm
9. product material: plastic shell